Sapphire Promise Ring: Blue Sapphire and White Topaz Three Stone Ring in Sterling Silver

by Sarah

Although promise rings do not serve the purpose of engagement rings, they are very popular – which is why lots of options are available from online retailers as well as from local jewelry stores. Now, if you’re looking to find the best promise ring online, I’ve got a suggestion for you.

If you want to go the non-traditional route, sapphire promise rings like this one from the Amanda Rose Collection by MLG are one of your best options. Sapphire stones, like diamonds, are available in different colors – white, pink and blue sapphires being the most common. Sapphires in different colors are as beautiful and long-lasting as any gem in the world.

This beautiful 3 stone ring by MLG features a stunning deep blue sapphire centerpiece gem with clear, sparkly white topaz accents on each side. With the combination of these gems and its shiny sterling silver band, this ring will definitely be a great choice for anyone who’s looking for beautiful jewelry but are on a tight budget.

Beautiful and affordable, this ring is absolutely gorgeous and is definitely a keeper. The setting is perfect, simple yet elegant and perfectly serves the purpose of being a promise ring – definitely worth the buy!

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