Loose Black Diamonds: Round-Rose Cut Loose Black Diamond

by Sarah

In the 1520's jewelry history was made with the invention of the wonderful rose cut.

Derived from the most ancient and exquisite diamond cuts ever known, the beautiful rose is ideally suited to large round black diamonds such as these.

The honey-comb and pyramid effects have a fabulous vintage feel to them, and create a distinctive jewel without sacrificing too much of the stone during the cutting process.

The ingenuity of the rose cut is showcasing the diamond's brilliance without destroying a lot of the stone during cutting. This is why it is possible to provide a whopping 1.5 carats at such a great price.

the worth of a loose black diamond is determined by cut, clarity, color, and carats. This substantial jewel satisfies on every count.

Discover the wonders of the black rose . . .

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