Heart Shaped Engagement Rings: Amethyst with Round Black & White Diamonds Ring

by Rose

Capture all the passion and the mystery of a true affair of the heart.

Look closer! Notice how the unique design is both playful and graceful?

One of the secrets to composing a great work of art is the use of contrast and juxtaposition. This beautiful, sophisticated ring does this on two levels.

First, the intertwining white gold base is an elegant but whimsical symbol of the linking of two lives. What a great way of mixing fun and sophistication to express something so meaningful!

Second, the amazing use of contrasting color. Mysterious black diamonds accent the rich purple heart shaped amethyst, with two glittering white diamonds to create even more sparkle and opulence.

All together, 17 radiant gems crown the sleek gold band with an explosion of luxury and light.

Combine glamor and fun, value and luxury, romance and whimsy in this fabulous study in contrasts.

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