Diamond Snowflake Earrings: 10k Yellow Gold Snowflake Diamond Dangle Earrings

by Sarah

What do we mean by "pure as the driven snow"?

Traditionally, the snowflake indicates purity, beauty, and rarity. Dating back to Shakespeare "driven snow" indicates something pure and untouched. This is why the snowflake is such a perfect design for showing off diamonds. Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are ever the same. They symbolize everything that is clean, shining, precious, and rare.

Instead of using only enough valuable gold to provide a setting for the gems, the genuine gold in these exquisite earrings form part of the snowflake design itself.

Diamonds and gold combine to communicate all the delicacy and intricacy of a natural snowflake.

The dangle style adds to the elegance and will suit ANY shape of face.

Best of all, these are classic pieces that can be worn over your lifetime. Young women will benefit from this touch of cultivated charm. Over time, these beautiful earrings will continue to symbolize the class, grace, and refinement that only accumulates with age.

True classics, you can rely on these beautiful earrings to enhance your own personal beauty and communicate your inner femininity and elegance for all to see.

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