Champagne Diamond Earrings: Sterling Silver Champagne Diamond Teardrop Earrings

by Sarah

Can you hear the corks popping? These stunning earrings are certainly something to celebrate!

Imagine TWENTY sparkling champagne diamonds, beautifully showcased in an elegant sterling silver setting, with a classic, evocative teardrop shape.

These are exquisitely detailed with gorgeous workmanship and a clever design that makes the whole earring glitter and shimmer.

The drop length is perfect and has been combined with champagne gems to create a perfect earring that will flatter any hairstyle, face shape, or complexion.

Ever really thought about what earrings are really for? We want you to have the ultimate accessory - something that immediately makes you feel feminine, confident, and sophisticated. That will show you and ANYTHING in your closet at its very best.

Invest in elegance today.

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