14K Yellow Gold ¼ Carat Diamond and Emerald Earring Jackets

by Sarah

Subtle, elegant - and head turning!

This is mission accomplished that all diamond earring jackets aspire to.

Even the most tired of your plain old studs will be immediately transformed into vibrant.

These Diamond and Emerald Earring Jackets by Katarina are much more than pretty.

Striking is more like it!

Check out the sparkly diamond and contrasting darker emerald stones.

Love emeralds?

Love diamonds?

Born in May?

Just want to spoil yourself or someone dear to you?

These are the perfect gift and a delicious self indulgence.

Even ideal for women who love the outdoors as green represents nature.

See more great options for superb Diamond Earring Jackets.

Shop safe at Amazon and enjoy free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

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