Vintage Emerald Ring: Luxury Women’s 9K Yellow Gold Emerald & Pearl Vintage Style Ring

by Sarah

If you love luxurious and glamorous jewelry pieces, then this vintage emerald ring by Lets Buy Gold is a great piece for you.

The Luxury Women’s 9K Yellow Gold Emerald & Pearl Vintage Style Ring, as its name implies, is a piece that truly embodies luxury and sophistication. Made with 9 karats of solid gold, this ring is a bit expensive compared to other available vintage style emerald rings online and in local jewelry shops. But as we all know, luxury comes in a high price.

This dazzling ring features 4 round shape natural and untreated emerald stone that are carefully and uniformly set at the center. It also has 14 lustrous freshwater cultured pearls above and below the emeralds. The contrast between the emeralds’ green hue and the pearls’ white color brings out the best in each, making the ring even more beautiful than it already is.

This beautiful and stunning ring is perfect for women who love traditional yellow gold jewelry as well as for women who love to turn heads with the accessories they wear.

Made with exceptional quality, this ring truly showcases the well-loved and classic designs that were made popular during the 1920s. And overall, this ring is beautifully finished and is a delight to wear.

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