Seed Pearl Jewelry: Fleur-de-lis Silver Natural Seed Pearl Earrings

by Rose

"Fleur-de-Lis". Sounds so pretty, feminine and delicate, but what does it actually mean?

It is French for a stylized "lily" that is used for all sorts of symbolism and design work.

Ever feel that in a past life you were French Royalty? The fleur-de-lys is France's royal emblem, so it no suprise that these fleur-de-lys earrings are so regal and so elegant.

Stop wasting money on costume jewelry. Here is a genuine heirloom piece ideal for passing from mother to daughter.

The elaborate yet delicate design is glamorous yet refined, and the use of beautiful, genuine seed pearls with real sterling silver is luxurious but tasteful.

One thing I love about these earrings is how they appeal to women of all ages and are suitable for any event.

Never worry again about having the perfect earrings.

Featuring 38 real seed pearls, this is an exquisite investment that will make you feel like the Queen you are.

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